Saturday, December 14, 2013

What is Bill Bratton going to do about NYPD Stop and Frisk Crimes, Coercion and IAB's Dirty Corrupt Role

The NYPD and Internal Affairs are the Tax Payer's Titanic with Ray Kelly spending a record breaking amount of tax payer money on Internal Affairs who pushed paper and covered up for dirty cops as my case proves so what is Bill Bratton going to do.  We know he does the Four Seasons but what is Bill Bratton going to do about NYPD and Internal Affairs corruption as the Ramos case proved that Internal Affairs supervisors are DIRTY and oops just one got caught tipping off the PBA who is also dirty…   Bill Bratton the tale of two Bills one who talks the talk and one who is as corrupt and dirty as Ray Kelly who I am suing in Federal Court and win or lose my case proves Ray Kelly who defends Det John Vergona is GUILTY but the Stop and Frisks videos and Schoolcraft tapes proved that way before my video of me being savagely assaulted by the Jodi Arias of medical reception who came out from behind a long closed off desk to menace me and the NYPD and Internal Affairs helped Delita Hooks a violent liar as the video and her false cross complaint prove and even a letter to her NYPD fixers threatening me if I come forwards that her NYPD Detectives SEALED in under a year so is Bill Bratton all talk?

Internal Affairs is corrupt and thanks to the NYPD and IAB continued role I am passing out 5,000 more cards that have been updated to say STOP stop and frisk and time for a new Commission in to NYPD and IAB corruption..

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this is a rough draft of the newest 2 sided Justice Card

it should say STOP Stop and Frisk abuses!

KKK Ray and Mike Bloomberg truly must be very sick rascist little men who do not understand The United States Constitution.

Mike Bloomberg KKK Ray Pro Racists Abuses Stop-and-Frisk Savage NYPD ABUSES

Posted comment on the Staten Island paper:   Here is my blog post responding to your article on my Mayor Bloomberg King of NY blog and I voted for Bill De Blasio but my concern is are we getting Bill Bratton a taller Ray Kelly.  Here is a video I started filming after I could not get help from my MD because she was already in with another patient.  Delita Hooks violated my patient rights repeated and finally I decided to start filming but gave her the courtesy of telling her.  She could have closed the door but she wanted my blood and the NYPD and Internal Affairs got in on this fixing like they often do unless the Feds come in like the NYPD Ramos trial where an Internal Affairs officer was caught tipping of the PBA -- you get my point -- the NYPD and IAB are a Tax Payer's Titanic of crooks with IAB and The Commission to Combat Police Corruption and CCRB seeing no evil and Bratton is going to what?  Watch this

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