Saturday, December 14, 2013

Is Bill Bratton Going to make change or is it the Tale if 2 Bills?

 NYPD Officer sold bogus North Face jackets

Bloomberg and Kelly's NYPD Rapists Murders Criminals even Sell Bogus North Face Jackets

NYPD officers under Bloomberg Kelly Regime have been caught raping, gun trafficking, stealing from drug dealers, savagely stopping and frisking People and for no reason other than violating their constitutional rights and making them fearful to walk in the own neighborhoods and also not report crimes so Kelly and Bloomberg can say crime is down and I am a victim of corrupt cops and corrupt NYPD and corrupt Internal Affairs officers.  

Wow they caught an NYPD low level crook while they let veteran dirty cops get away with crimes unless the Feds come in. 

Why is the NYPD and Internal Affairs filled with so many violent criminals.   IAB capt Aaron wright the male Delita hooks who attacked me and we had no relationship.

The woman IAB officer that tipped off the PBA about the evil NYPD crook Ramos and IAB ever so briefly going after fixing and favors including PBA's role but I caught Ray Kelly, Charles Campisi protecting all involved in fixing and favors of me a whistle blower being savagely attacked so I know now finally how corrupt, evil, violent although for me the violence was verbal over the phone with threats and verbal violence by Det a John Vergona and he wouldn't meet me and Lt Angelo Burgos -and Lt Agnes of The Integrity Unit would not respond Burgos to me emails and Agnes to my calls ditto DI ed Winski all involved with IAB fixing.  

Is Bill Bratton Ray Kelly chapter 2 the tale of 2 bills?

Bratton is going to stop a culture of corruption and violence????

Prosecutors: Cop from Staten Island sold bogus North Face jackets

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this is a rough draft of the newest 2 sided Justice Card

it should say STOP Stop and Frisk abuses!

KKK Ray and Mike Bloomberg truly must be very sick rascist little men who do not understand The United States Constitution.

Mike Bloomberg KKK Ray Pro Racists Abuses Stop-and-Frisk Savage NYPD ABUSES

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