Saturday, August 30, 2014

2 #NYPD Commissioners 2 Administrations Fixing Favors For Violent Crime at Dr Andrew Fagelman's

2 administrations 2 police commissioners No responsibility for police corruption fixing crime for an MDs office...

#NYPD IAB Violent Crime Dr Andrew Fagelman Office 155 Spring St 81,000 Views YouTube

Dr Andrew Fagelman in My Opinion Scum #NYPD Fixing 

81,000 views of Dr Andrew Fagelman 's violent lying  receptionist office manager Delita Hooks committing a crime at 155 Spring St.    

Please continue to help me to make this you to go viral...

Andrew Fagelman, MD A very dirty little piece of crap posing as an MD that understands Hippocratic oath.  He says secures STDs on his website.  Is that why the NYPD fixing in favors for him?

They don't teach the Hippocratic oath at Buffalo medical school?

Thank you for support.   Where is the arrest of my attacker asault, false cross-complaint, and threatening me in the signed letter to her NYPD fixers ?

please help this go viral so shame MD, my attacker, NYPD and IAB thank you. 

Det John Vergona committed the crime of coercion.   Then internal fairest committed the crime of covering up a crime.  

Internal Affairs Bureau = IAB
Chief Chuck Dowd 's dad a retired chief - Chuck promoted up the ladder by Ray Kelly after caught fixing crime a rite of passage?  Dowd was not qualified for technology chief position but held it for over a decade.  

I am the 2nd whistle blower on 911 technology corruption to be threatened by the first precinct Detective squad.  

I caught IAB in lies and criminal activity not just in fixing my case but I can prove IAB let NYPD Chief Dowd retire after I filed a complaint alleging he may have taken gifts and compensation for being on the board of FirstNet when he and all NYPD aren't allowed a free cup of coffee.

I have more NYPD paper work but you can start with this one where Det John Vergona lied and the video proves he lied in his DD5 and he lied about me not being available to meet him. He never even offered to meet me and when I repeatedly asked him to meet me to see which eye I was punched in since he was "confused" he repeatedly refused.

He lied right here is proof.   

IAB Sgt Decker told me Lt Anges of the Integrity Bureau try not to laugh would interview everyone just like Det Vergona said he would and it never happened. The fix was in just like the NYPD Jose Ramos case showed us all the PBA, NYPD and IAB fix and tip each other off.

#NYPD Internal Affairs read her false cross-complaint

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    No. No, NO NOOOO!!! Terrible experience. It's like a ghetto art gallery, complete with Beyoncé wannabe incompetent receptionists and hip hop music blaring in the background. I'm sick, I don't want to listen to Nelly or Lil Jon.

    I went in to see Dr F for a face rash, the receptionist insisted that she take my picture for their files as part of new patient registration. I explained that I was there for a rash on my face, asking to take my picture was a little insensitive. I refused to let her take my picture, she insisted explaining that it was for security purposes. I could hear her and her little posse of rap video trash in pink scrubs making fun of me as soon as I was out of sight.

    Dr F's assistant was great and very empathetic.

    Dr F is um... awkward.  I felt so uncomfortable around him. I got the sense that he had no clue what he was talking about. He just sat at his desk clicking around on his huge Apple computer.  I wanted to ask him if he was googling my symptoms!

    I could not get out of there fast enough, it wasn't pleasant. I don't expect a visit to the doctor to be a day at the beach, that said the receptionist had epic amounts of sand in her panties.

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  • Dr Fagelman Delita Hooks Bad Review Want Patient's Photos Beyond Office Violence and Lies

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